Friday , September 21 2018


Siwa: On the Other Side of the Mirage

By Lounes Belkacem Translated from French by Akli Gana When we speak about Tamazgha, we always say that its territory extends from Siwa in Egypt to the Canary Islands. But to me, Siwa has always been a myth, a mystery because it is remote and of difficult access. Moreover, there is practically no literature on Siwa except some articles on …

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Remembering Ali Sadki Azayku on His 14th Death Anniversary

Ali Sadki Azayku

Ali Sadki Azayku is an Amazigh poet, historian and novelist, born in 1942 in an Amazigh village near Taroudant, Morocco, that goes by the name Igran in the region of Izuyka, which gave Ali his nickname Ali Sedki Azayku“Azayku.” He attended a French school in Tafingult, south of Tizi n Test. He then joined the Pacha school and the Ecole Régionale d’Instituteurs …

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Remembering the Battle of Annual


July 21, 2018 This Month marks the 97th anniversary of the Battle of Annual, or in what became known in Spain as the disaster of Annual settlement . where the forces of Muhammad ‘Abd al-Karim al-Khattabi destroyed the 20,000 strong Spanish army of General. Silvestre, on July 22, 1921 at Annual in northeastern of Rif, (about 50km west of Nador). …

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Remembering Imad El Attabi on the First Anniversary of His Martyrdom

Imad El Attabi

July 20, 2018 marked the first death anniversary of the Rif protest movement martyr Imad El Attab, a 22-year-old from the northern city of Al-Hoceima, who died after suffering severe head injuries, caused by a tear gas canister fired randomly by Morocco police to disperse a peaceful protest. On July 20, Morocco police blocked a peaceful protest by the Rif protest movement …

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The Origin of the Amazigh People by Mohamed Chafik

Mohamed Chafik

By Mohamed Chafik, Translated from French by Rabah Seffal. Many Arab and European historians held a sharp curiosity about the origins of Imazighen. During the middle Ages, Arab genealogists convinced themselves with acrobatic demonstrations that Imazighen were Arabs and that they had immigrated to North Africa a long time ago. This opinion continues to be the only one allowed in the …

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Twenty Years Since His Murder, Matoub Lounes’s Spirit Still Looms Large

Today we mark 20 years since the assassination of Matoub Lounes On 25 June 1998, Matoub’s car was stopped at a roadblock when shot to death by by masked gunmen, killing Matoub and wounding his wife, Nadia Matoub, and two sisters-in-law. Kabyle people still accuse the Algerian regime of killing Matoub, while the Algerian regime putting the blame on the Islamist terrorists for this crime. Born …

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Today We Commemorate the 38th Anniversary of the Amazigh Spring


Today April 20th, marks 38 years since the student and the Amazigh people of kabylia in Algeria were violently handled by the government forces in an effort to express their legitimate cultural demands. On April 1980, special forces stormed the Tizi Ouzou campuses and broke into the student dormitories many were beaten up while asleep hundreds were wounded and hundred others …

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37 Years Later, Still No Sign Of Boujamaa Habbaz

Boujamaa Habbaz

April 19, 2018 On 19 April, 1981, Boujamaa Habbaz, Amazigh activist, linguistics professor and co-founder of the Moroccan Research and Cultural Exchange Association (AMREC), left his house in the morning and never came back. He disappeared very mysteriously without a single trace. After that, Boujamaa earned his Doctoral degree from Paris Descartes University. his thesis explored socio-political and linguistic aspects of the Amazigh language in …

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Remembering Moha Ou Hammou Zayani On Anniversary Of His Death


  Moha Ou Hammou Zayani (1863-1921), Moroc­can Anticolonial and charismatic tribal Amazigh-Berber leader, was born in 1863 in the Middle Atlas Mountains. His full name is Muhammad Ou Hammou ait Aqqa ait Ahmad. As the French military forces began to extend their colonial reach into interior plains, Moha began his resistance movement against the French occupation in Morocco. His campaign …

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Commemorating the 56th Anniversary of Mouloud Feraoun’s Assassination

Mouloud Feraoun

Mouloud Feraoun (1913–1962). A prominent Amazigh writer from Kabyle whose real name is Aït Chaabane Mouloud Feraoun. Born on March 8th, 1913 in Tizi Hibel in Greater Kabylia. Although he was born to a poor peasant family, he managed to get through the French school system and to earn a diploma at the Bouzaréah School (Teacher’s College) in Algiers. After …

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