Tuesday , October 16 2018

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Nasser Zefazafi Is One Step Away from the Zakharof Prize

Nasser Zefzafi

Brussels Oct 9, 2018 Nasser Zafzafi, leader of Rif “Hirak” protests has been officially selected by Europian Parliament in Brussels to proceed to the final voting stage along with two other nominated candidates to win the Sakharov prize which recognizes and honors individuals and groups of people who have dedicated their lives to the defense of human rights and freedom …

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Omar Khaleq’s Tomb Destroyed in Tinghir

Omar Khaleq

Tinghir, October, 2018, The tomb of deceased Amazigh martyr activist Omar Khaleq aka Izm has been almost completely destroyed  due of hazardous oil waste being dumped all over it by unknown in his hometown of ‘Iqniwen’ in Tinghir. Khaleq, whose nickname “Izem” meant “lion” in Tamazight, was brutally beaten to death during a debate event known as “Halaqiya” on January 2016. An incident …

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Massive Rise of Irregular Migrants From Northern Morocco to Europe

Geneva, Sep 14, 2018 According to the International Organization for Migration. Between January and July of this year, irregular immigration from northern Morocco to Europe shows massive increase. Following Rif Hirak protests, Spain is the Mediterranean’s most-sought destination for irregular migrants traveling by sea, or via the country’s African enclaves of Melilla and Ceuta. surpassing Italy and Greece. IOM’s Missing …

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Madonna Celebrates 60th Birthday With An Amazigh Touch


Marrakech, August 16, 2018 | Pop superstar Madonna kicks off her 60th birthday celebrations in Marrakesh by posting a selfie of herself dressed in a traditional Amazigh clothes with the caption: “Almost Birthday Selfie- 🎂🎉💕🌈🍾💃🏾Celebrating Berber Culture! 🇲🇦♥️.

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Woman Gets 2 Months in Prison for Supporting Hirak Rif

Bouchra El yahyaoui

The court of Al hoceima in Morocco’s Rif neglected region has sentenced Bouchra el yahyaoui to two months of prison and a fine of $500 for condemning the severe prison sentences for Hirak Rif activists on live media.Her fiancee also received earlier this month a prison sentence of 20 years.

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Amazigh Graffiti Artist Arrested in Morocco


TATA, MOROCCO The multi talented graffiti artist, Amazigh activist and painter who goes by the nickname, “Axil Tinsti” was arrested last Sunday by Morocco Police  after caught drawing a picture of  Nasser Zafzafi, leader of the Rif mass protests, on one of the walls in his home town of Tata in southwestern Morocco. Axil not only got arrested but the authorities also …

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Amnesty Slams Morocco Over Sentences Against Hirak Rif Activists

June 28, 2018 Amnesty International has censured heavy jail sentences handed down on June 26, 2018 to Hirak Rif activists, saying the guilty verdicts and heavy sentences returned in the cases of 53 Hirak protesters in Casablanca must be overturned due to the unfair nature of their trials. The London-based rights group said on Wednesday that protests leaders Nasser Zafzafi …

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